Dispute Resolution

Tech Lawyers handle copyright disputes – often in computer code, trade mark disputes, director disputes and shareholder disputes. We assist in dispute resolution and litigious matters.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Most people don’t want to enter a lengthy dispute.  However, where one party has been wronged, there may be no alternative.  The key to litigation is that is must be managed very carefully.  There are many steps that litigation lawyers need to be prepared for.  The essential part of litigation with technology, software and startups is that most often there is a massive advantage in intimately knowing how the technology works.  That is where Tech Lawyers’ skill can really make the difference. In fact, a lawyer who doesn’t really ‘get tech’ is at a distinct disadvantage when arguing or negotiating in a technology subject matter.

Software Disputes

Many software disputes obviously have to do with copyright ownership or assignment.  While there are also disputes with payment and delivery of software code.  If you are in a software code dispute, Tech Lawyers are able to give you advice on the best steps forward to resolve your dispute.  We are also able to provide you with advice where we work out a legal strategy if litigation is the only way forward.

Director and Shareholder Disputes

Partnership, director and shareholder disputes are, unfortunately not uncommon.  Our approach is to always to negotiate disputes of this nature to ensure that the company’s reputation doesn’t suffer.  However, in the real world, a negotiated resolution is not always realistic nor achievable and litigation can sometimes be the only way forward.  If this is the case, Tech Lawyers can assist you to enforce your rights in the courts.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is another area of dispute resolution and litigation that we are able to take carriage of.  We have experience in disputes involving breach of software development contracts and other commercial contractual breaches.